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Dental Assistant #57972 (Nationwide)

Be a Patient WhispererDental Assistants are vital to the entire treatment experience, guiding the patient from beginning to end, making them feel comfortable while supporting their dentist in providing the best care possible.

Hygienist #57971 (Nationwide)

Be a Central Part of the Team At Smile Brands and its Affiliated Dental offices, we relieve you of the burdens associated with a traditional private practice, so you can deliver the highest level of care while teaching patients appropriate oral hygiene to maintain their health and well being.

Office Manager #57970 (Nationwide)

We Take Care of BusinessOur Field Operations professionals handle the business side of running a dental practice to make sure doctors can turn their attention to people depending on them for healthy smiles.

Dental Assistant #57277

We are looking for a Full-Time, Dental Assistant, for the Raleigh, NC area.

Dental Assistant #56732

CDA/DAII - Innerbeltline - Full-Time (Mon - Thu with alternating Fridays) Seeking friendly, experienced dental assistant with expanded functions: experience with crowns/pack cord, assist w/rotary endo, surgical extractions, xray certification (digital/film), nitrous oxide, dental materials, self reliant, team player.

Front Desk #57941 (Nationwide)

Smiles Start HereA great patient experience starts with our friendly, welcoming office staff.

General Dentist #57973 (Nationwide)

We Have Caring in CommonOpening a private practice can be a daunting task.

Ortho Assistant #56735

We are looking for a Full-Time, Ortho Assistant, for the Raleigh, NC area.

Hygienist #58258

We are looking for a Full-Time, Hygienist, for the Raleigh, NC area.

General Dentist #55033

We are looking for a Full-Time, General Dentist, for the Raleigh, NC area.

Dental Technician #57759

TWO Dental Opportunities! Experienced Waxer/Finisher and an Experienced Dental Technician.

Hygienist #10505

Interviewing Hygienist and other dental staff for many NC areas.

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